Features To Consider Before Buying Bluetooth Speakers

A Bluetooth speaker is a handy gadget to have these days for yourself. But buying a Bluetooth speaker is a very stressful job as market is flooded with number of models to buy. They are different in shapes, designs and many other things that can easily make you nervous while buying one.
The sound quality of these Bluetooth speakers is subjective and you are not allowed to test them before buying in most of the malls whereever you buy them. Most of the people are buying them online so its very difficult to judge which one will be great for you before buying one. That’s why we have written this guide to help people while buying these Bluetooth speakers. We have compiled a list of features that you must look for in your new Bluetooth speakers before pressing the buy now button on amazon.
Frequency Response
Frequency response is calculated in Hertz and these speakers comes with a range of this Hertz. The wider range speaker will have the rich sound it will be able to create so its important to look for its frequency range on the box of it. The example of frequency range is that suppose 100Hz- 199999Hz. But it does not mean that speakers will perform best the ones which have larger frequency range there are many more features that should be considered before judging a Bluetooth speaker.
Bluetooth Version.
Bluetooth version is another important thing to consider as these wireless speakers totally depend on the Bluetooth technology to get their signals from mobile or any other streaming devices. Its important to go for the latest version of Bluetooth as the latest version will be able to provide better transfer rate and better transfer rate means better quality sound can be transferred from your streaming device for example mobile phone to your Bluetooth speakers. The lower transfer rate means poor quality sound.
The drivers are the soul of a Bluetooth speakers its important to check your Bluetooth speaker does it have a good size of drivers because smaller drivers produce low quality and less louder sound. So the larger drivers the Bluetooth speaker will have you will be able to hear louder and better quality sound. Most of the time Bluetooth speakers come with a 40mm driver which is a good size for a portable speakers. But if you are looking for something better than go for the Bluetooth speakers that have larger ones but we would like to inform you that bigger drivers will need more space so they can increase the size of Bluetooth speakers over all.
Connectivity is another important thing to consider before buying one Bluetooth speakers. Please go for the box again and check either your speaker does have the aux in feature. It’s a wired connection. Its pretty handy in couple of situations. As wireless connection can not complete with the wired connectivity so you might want to enjoy better sound quality sometimes and you can connect your speakers with this aux in connection. This wired connection can also save you some amount of battery. So your speakers might last longer if you opt for these aux in wired connection with your streaming device.
Charging Style:
Another thing to consider is its charging style. Your speaker should not have separate charging adapter as its not possible to take couple of cable when you are going outdoors. These days most of the Bluetooth speakers comes with a micro usb connection to get them juiced up which is quite handy as you can also take power banks to pump up battery timing with them. But if it comes with AC adapter its not possible to do so.

Water-proof Bluetooth Speakers

Those days are gone when you used to worry about getting your electronic devices damaged by the water and you had to buy new ones after dropping them in the water accidently. This feature is called water proofing, people are liking it and electronic manufacturer are working hard to make thing water proof possible. You can see this feature in top end mobile phones these days most of them are coming with the feature of water proof or water resistant.

The same thing is happening also with Bluetooth speakers, they are going water proof or water resistant as they are being used outdoor mostly and you wont need to worry about them dropping in your pool.

Water proof and water resistant are two different terms. We can define water proofing as you can drop them in pool or water fully and don’t wont get damaged. This is the most wanted feature for the products which are designed to use outdoors. So are the Bluetooth speakers it’s a gadget that is being used outdoor to enjoy music. Whether it Is a pool party with your friends or it is a picnic party outdoor in tents. You wont need to worry about water. The water proof rated speakers can be dropped in a pool for half an hour and they wont be damaged. They will be totally safe which is a great feature for these boxes.

Water resistant is another popular term being used by the manufacturers while selling their Bluetooth speakers. It means that your speakers can face a splash of water and it wont hurt them while they are not tough on water as compared to water proof Bluetooth speakers but they can face rain or some amount of water.

So its ideal to buy water proof speakers if you are looking for totally water proof speakers, and you are the person who accidently throws things in water.
There are tons of water Bluetooth speakers in the market we would like to suggest you some of the best models being bought by consumers these days in terms of waterproofing.
UE Wonderboom

This Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears is specially designed for the outdoor environment. They are best outdoor speakers because they are water proof and you wont need to worry about getting these speakers dropped in your pool. They will be totally safe.

These speakers are also rugged. It means you wont need to worry about the dist or any other thing that can damage your speaker. These speakers are specially designed for rough environment either it’s a beach party where speakers can catch easily the sand and get them damaged or it’s a rainy weather they will be totally safe. The speakers are loud and sound quality is great.
2. Denon Envaya DSB-250BT
3. JBL Charge 4
4. Anker Soundcore Flare
5. Ultimate Ears Boom 3

Function of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a miracle technology for the people who hate those cables running around their computers or other electronic devices. Bluetooth is a short-range wireless tech that vanished all the cables around the electronic devices almost. It’s a technology that is based purely on the radio signals.

The main function of Bluetooth is that it replaces the cables connecting electronic devices, and instead of cables it uses air to transmit the electronic signals. It helps a person to make a phone call through his/her wireless headset. Or use a wireless mouse, keyboards and other pc addons available these days. They all run on the Bluetooth. Even you can transfer data between two or more devices with the help of this technology.

The Bluetooth is a standard in radio waves, and mostly it operates in 2.4 Ghz. It comes with a transceiver which helps devices to send and receive signals. And through these signals people are able to transfer data between devices easily.

So now the question comes how can we use this technology in real life examples.

If you want to stream music on your portable Bluetooth speaker from your mobile phone. First of you will need to turn on the Bluetooth mode in your Bluetooth speakers. After that you will enable Bluetooth in your mobile phone and ask it to search for the devices nearby. It will take a few minutes and will provide you a list of products that are available ready to pair with your smartphone. And obviously there will be a name of your smartphone speaker too. Select the option to pair with your speaker and it will start the process. While process pairing mode it can ask some kind of password or pin code that can be provided by the speakers manufacture. That’s it after connecting it whenever you will go near the device and enable the Bluetooth mode on your smart phone, it will automatically connect with it and start streaming the music.

If you want to connect a wireless mouse to your PC or notebook. Most of the notebooks comes with Bluetooth transmitters, if it does not you will need to buy Bluetooth USB dongle which does have transmitter inside it and lets you pair Bluetooth devices. After attaching this dongle to your PC or notebook you will be asked to install driver in your windows pc. And windows will give option to enable Bluetooth. Now the second part is to check your mouse either it is ready to pair with your pc. Most of the mice goes stand by automatically to save energy so make sure it is turned on. After you might find a button on your mouse that will allow you to make it ready for pairing. Now just turn on the mouse pairing and it will take a few seconds to pair with it. And your wireless mouse will be ready to perform on your pc or notebook wireless.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers According to Paper Aeroplanes Music Studio

According to Paper Aeroplanes Music Studio, Music is a very serious job to make one, and it becomes more serious when consumers should listen to it as it designed was in the studio. these days there are tons of means to transfer music like the internet, SoundCloud, Youtube and many more which we can’t even count.

in this era of digital music, everything got very complicated. you need to get remember some information technology lessons to understand this lesson, we will try our best to how you can listen to the studio-quality music of our songs at your home without losing its quality and how it was meant to entertain you.

first of all, you can buy the music from our digital shop at apple music, or buy CDs these both options are counted as number 1 because these two sources won’t lose quality of digital files while transferring our artwork to the customers, you can listen to our music videos on youtube as well but it wont meet the quality of what the earlier mentions sources offers. so now you have bought the music made by our hard-working artists now let’s move to the next step about what device to use.

as our research boys conduct experiments we were able to assume that you can easily store the bought music on tons of device available in the markets, pcs, mac books, mobile phones and tons of more options.

but we want our listeners to easily understand that these devices won’t process the same quality music which was made in our studio, they will lose quality yes. so we have tested most of them and we were able to tell you one of the most performing music devices were from apple. you can use MacBooks or iPhones, etc to use the best of the music player. we cant guarantee all other devices but we must say there are many out there available in the market which performs best.
so now you have chosen the best music player, now let’s move to how you can convert these electrical signals into sound waves. to do the best of it we would like to inform you that Bose does the best work. they are producing top-notch quality speakers. the best way to go for speakers is the ones that have wires, but in today’s worlds thing got changed and people started to go for portable speakers and if you want to go follow this trend, we would advise you to stick with bose brand. as they don’t compromise on the quality of their speakers. these days wireless speakers are using Bluetooth technology which is very advanced and now offering the same quality as well as wired speakers, we must say that if you want to enjoy portable wireless speakers go for these small boxes from bose. For more information about Best Portable Speakers, I highly recommend this article from Pollowers.