Features To Consider Before Buying Bluetooth Speakers

A Bluetooth speaker is a handy gadget to have these days for yourself. But buying a Bluetooth speaker is a very stressful job as market is flooded with number of models to buy. They are different in shapes, designs and many other things that can easily make you nervous while buying one.
The sound quality of these Bluetooth speakers is subjective and you are not allowed to test them before buying in most of the malls whereever you buy them. Most of the people are buying them online so its very difficult to judge which one will be great for you before buying one. That’s why we have written this guide to help people while buying these Bluetooth speakers. We have compiled a list of features that you must look for in your new Bluetooth speakers before pressing the buy now button on amazon.
Frequency Response
Frequency response is calculated in Hertz and these speakers comes with a range of this Hertz. The wider range speaker will have the rich sound it will be able to create so its important to look for its frequency range on the box of it. The example of frequency range is that suppose 100Hz- 199999Hz. But it does not mean that speakers will perform best the ones which have larger frequency range there are many more features that should be considered before judging a Bluetooth speaker.
Bluetooth Version.
Bluetooth version is another important thing to consider as these wireless speakers totally depend on the Bluetooth technology to get their signals from mobile or any other streaming devices. Its important to go for the latest version of Bluetooth as the latest version will be able to provide better transfer rate and better transfer rate means better quality sound can be transferred from your streaming device for example mobile phone to your Bluetooth speakers. The lower transfer rate means poor quality sound.
The drivers are the soul of a Bluetooth speakers its important to check your Bluetooth speaker does it have a good size of drivers because smaller drivers produce low quality and less louder sound. So the larger drivers the Bluetooth speaker will have you will be able to hear louder and better quality sound. Most of the time Bluetooth speakers come with a 40mm driver which is a good size for a portable speakers. But if you are looking for something better than go for the Bluetooth speakers that have larger ones but we would like to inform you that bigger drivers will need more space so they can increase the size of Bluetooth speakers over all.
Connectivity is another important thing to consider before buying one Bluetooth speakers. Please go for the box again and check either your speaker does have the aux in feature. It’s a wired connection. Its pretty handy in couple of situations. As wireless connection can not complete with the wired connectivity so you might want to enjoy better sound quality sometimes and you can connect your speakers with this aux in connection. This wired connection can also save you some amount of battery. So your speakers might last longer if you opt for these aux in wired connection with your streaming device.
Charging Style:
Another thing to consider is its charging style. Your speaker should not have separate charging adapter as its not possible to take couple of cable when you are going outdoors. These days most of the Bluetooth speakers comes with a micro usb connection to get them juiced up which is quite handy as you can also take power banks to pump up battery timing with them. But if it comes with AC adapter its not possible to do so.

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