April 10, 2012

THANKS FOR YOUR ENTRIES. THE WINNERS WERE LAURA HUNTER AND SWEE KHOW. It’s available to buy in lots of lovely bookshops. xx

Remember Jen Campbell? Remember when we had her beautiful, ltd Edition story accompanying our single release of My First Love?



…..Well she only went and got a book deal!






Jen says....”I love our customers, in fact the book is dedicated to them. Sometimes, however, people say the strangest things. ‘Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops’ is a collection of these weird and wonderful and sometimes terrifying conversations which have occurred over the past three years.”

-Bookseller: Hello, Ripping Yarns bookshop.

Customer: Hello, I’ve got some books I’d like to sell.

Bookseller: Sure. What kinds of books do you have?

Customer: Oh, boxes and boxes of stuff. I’ve got some children’s books, some comics, some old magazines and newspapers, an exercise bike, a couple of art books and some cookery books, too.

Bookseller: What was the one in the middle?

Customer: Erm. Old magazines.

Bookseller: No, the one after that.

Customer: An exercise bike.

Bookseller: Yes… we won’t be wanting the exercise bike.

“…& so it goes on… The book is split into three sections – the first is The Edinburgh Bookshop, where I worked when I was doing my English Literature degree. The second part is set in Ripping Yarns bookshop, an antiquarian bookshop in North London, where I currently work, and the final section of the book is a collection of ‘Weird Things…’ sent in from booksellers all over the world. The book is illustrated throughout by the wonderful Brothers McLeod.”

Her book is in all good bookshops right now. Just don’t ask anything silly when you’re buying it!

We have 2 books to give-away to Paper Aeroplanes fans! If you’d like to win one, just answer this question:

What was the name of the first bookshop Jen worked in?

email your answer, name and address to [email protected] . We’ll choose a winner at random (usually by ripping up bits of paper and picking them out of a hat :) and get the freebie posted to you…anywhere in the world.

Happy reading. It’s very funny. xxx